Automate d'Auto-immunité MONOTEST ELISA

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UNION Immune Analyzer is a fully automated instrument for performing Enzyme Linked Immuno Assay (ELISA). Designed to carry out in vitro diagnostic tests such as Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Thyroid, Anemia and Allergy, Tumor Markers and Fertility. UNION brings the ultimate automation solution for all size of clinical laboratories in immunoassays. All reagents needed to perform the ELISA tests are incorporated in a single ready-to-use reagent strip. Up to 30 different assays can be performed simultaneously in one cycle. The fully automated operation system leave the users free from monitoring the operation procedures. The smart software and cutting-edge hardware system make the instrument stable, fast and reliable!

1. Excellent Modular Control
2. Unique Design for the Single Test Strip
3. Flexible Buffer Control System
4. Stable Thermostat System
5. Highly Accurate Dispensing System
6. Test Items Cover Multiple Panels
7. About 100 Assays for Your Selection
8. Precise Result Interpretation

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